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Del Casher is an American guitarist, composer, and inventor.  His many creations include the wah-wah pedal, which significantly influenced the development of rock and roll guitar style.  He also devised the Ecco-Fonic tape delay and was the first to introduce the Roland Guitar Synthesizer for the Roland Corporation.

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Wah-Wah What's the Big Idea?

As a guitarist and consultant for Vox, Del often performed with the Vox Amplifonic Big Band in California.  Through his relationship with Vox engineers, he discovered that their new variable tone control midrange booster created a "wah" sound similar to a trumpet or harmonica.

Del Casher With Frank Zappa at The Whisk
Elvis Del Roustabout Sepia
Del Casher Roland at CRS Sepia
Del Casher 1954 Harmony Sepia
Del Casher James Brown Sepia



In Hollywood, Del became a much sought-after studio guitarist, and appeared in movies such as "Roustabout" starring Elvis Presley.  Elvis liked Del’s guitar playing so much he invited him to join his friends for future engagements.  Del's work in Hollywood was ran the gamut of styles.  A typical week might include his regular gig with Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch TV show, recording with Frank Sinatra or Sonny and Cher, then sitting in with Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention at the Whisky A-Go-Go.

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Del Casher With Frank Zappa at The Whisk
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